Continuing the momentum and innovation

Thanks again to all the customers and tax agents who were part of our Sanetax family this tax season. It is a great start for us and we would like to continue the momentum and innovation going forward.  We have witnessed many valuable trends and learned a lot of lessons.

Thanks to fellow HN friends and entrepreneurs for invaluable reviews and feedback.

Thanks to customers who have agreed to give us a testimonial. It is inspiring and gives us great comfort in seeing Sanetax as the only viable solutions for some.

Thanks to our vendor CloudFlare for handling the DNS/CDN outages very well. It was a great customer support effort.

We survived the infamous Amazon Web Services Outage. Our servers are hosted in 1C and 1D Availability Zones in US East - N. Virginia Region, so our customers didn’t have any downtime during the outage.

All the customers who have filed for an extension, please work with your tax agent to file your taxes. If you are a new customer looking for help regarding your taxes, signup and our network tax agents are happy to help you out.

We are planning lot of exciting things at Sanetax. So stay tuned!

CEO & Founder

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