Customer Story: Disabled and wanted to take tax expert's help.

It gives utmost fulfillment when you discover that the products you created are making a positive impact on the society. Here is our story about a person who was recently disabled and looking for help in getting his taxes done.

One of our customers, Michael lives in So Cal. He recently became disabled and bed ridden. He can neither go out to visit a tax preparer's office nor does he have access to computer to get his taxes done. All he has is a loaner phone with internet access. With our Sanetax app which is available on android, iphone he took pictures of W2s and requested to have a tax professional assigned. Within a few minutes of his request, we connected him with one of our network tax agents . Michael also had a special request to have him called instead of emailing; our network tax professional is going to honor that as well.

I personally talked to Michael on the phone and it was inspiring to listen how useful our service is to him. This experience reinforced our confidence and purpose in starting this service. I am glad that Sanetax could be of help when he needed it. Michael was impressed by our service and volunteered to give us a testimonial - so watch out for another post with more details. Thanks to Michael, we are privileged to have you as a customer.

CEO & Founder

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